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Learn more about SmartMon, the production control solution. Below you will find answers to some of the most usual questions:

The SmartMon platform is suitable for factories of all types including those with manual processes and all types of automatic machines or simply manual. The use of SmartMon enables the increase in productivity with a quick return on investment (ROI). In only 3 months, productivity can be improved by 20%.
Manufactured parts are counted by SCS (Smart Capture System), a wireless system that sends information about the production to the servers in order to be processed. Other existing PLCs can be used such as Siemens or Omron.
The data is collected using standard tablets or PCs at machine level. Data such as reasons for stoppage, defective parts, quality controls, employee resources amongst others, is entered in a very simple and fast way leaving time for the employee to complete their tasks.
Yes, it is possible for you to assemble it by yourself. You can use existing PLCs, tablets and standard computers to collect the data.
It is not necessary to install any additional software on existing computers since the entire environment runs directly in the browser (Chrome or Firefox).
Depending on the number of modules the price can be adapted to your needs. We currently have the most competitive prices for this type of platform, both in software and hardware.
Key data to help improve the effectiveness of your equipment can be obtained from day 1. Reports over a time frame will enable you to analyze in a very intuitive way in order to utilize resources better
Apart from small annual controls, the application is fully customizable and it is not necessary for any technician to add functions or customize the parameters to be measured.

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