SmartMon can be easily customized. Each module is designed so that the user can create and customize the application to match the needs of the plant

1 - Core

Main module. Real time production data acquisition from machines

2 - Stops and incidents

Automatic report of machine stops with manual entry of reasons

3 - Defective parts

Real time report of rejected units and reasons at machine level and in a simple way

4 - Manufacturing orders

It manages product batches in relation to the production and process control system

5 - Human resources

It schedules manpower and manual input required including tasks and time used for each batch

6 - Quality control

It establishes control guidelines, registers key parameters ​​and generates parts requiring reworking

7 - Documentation

Stores and provides access to documents and technical sheets for plant personnel and maintenance

8 - Traceability

Registers the origins of the products consumed during the entire manufacturing process

9 - Packaging

Provides real-time registration of batch numbers and printing on labels