The installation of SmartMon requires the following hardware:

  • Wireless IOT or PLC with ethernet cable

  • SCS is a low-cost system that is easy to install and get started and that consists of either 2 or 4 inputs. Each entry can be configured to register manufactured parts, or defective ones and their reasons. In many cases, standard or existing PLCs can be used to perform the same task.

  • Photoelectric sensor, electric limit switch, detector or internal signal from the machine

  • Depending on the production process, various techniques can be used to count the units produced. In many cases we can simply connect the device to some signal already in the machine. In other cases, the simple installation of a photoelectric cell, a sensor or a relay will enable the collection of the necessary information.

  • Standard Tablet (Android or windows)

  • Any tablet bigger than 10 inches can be used for the collection of the rest of the data. Employees can enter the required data quickly through a clear interface.

  • Start up
  • The startup of SmartMon is very simple and users can start monitoring data in a very short time. Our technicians will advise you and provide support at any time to address any concerns.